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martes, 5 de enero de 2016

Listening practice: professors



Jan 06 2016
Do you remember any teachers from school? How about any college professors? A lot of students arepassionate about their education and see their professors as role models. Many professors want tomotivate their students and set the bar high so that their students can become successful in the future. It is important to have good communication with your professor so that you can get a worthy education.

Some people do not have good relationships with their professors. They may not be passionate about the class, or they may feel let down by the professor’s teaching style. Students want their professors to be excited about teaching. Some students are able to rise to the occasion and do great in a class, but other students may need to try multiple classes before they can connect with their professor.
Jessica and Gary are talking about their college professors. Jessica loved her professors and is telling Gary all about her experience. Find out what Gary thinks in today’s English lesson.

Gary: When you were in school… college… did you have any professors who just inspired you and got you sopassionate about your study that you couldn’t help but go to their class every day?
Jessica: Oh absolutely. I had quite a few of them, actually. I got a very good education, and I had a lot ofrole models, and they really set the bar high when it came to their expectations of you as a student.
Gary: Those are really good teachers.
Jessica: Yeah, I know I had multiple fantastic professors.
Gary: You’re kind of lucky.
Jessica: I know.
Gary: I was really let down with my experience in college.
Jessica: Oh, that’s too bad! They didn’t motivate you?
Gary: No, they didn’t really inspire me. They just kind of talked about their subject. And, I don’t know, they seemed motivated by the clock to get home more than they were trying to motivate the students to get excited about the topics.
Jessica: It’s unfortunate when you’re paying for a class that the professor doesn’t rise to the occasion and really give you a worthy education.
Gary: I agree.
Jessica: Maybe, I’ll become a professor.
Gary: Oh, really?
Jessica: Yes.
Jessica is telling Gary about her college professors. She got a worthy education and saw her professors asrole models. She tells Gary that they set the bar high and were very passionate about their subjects.

Gary, on the other hand, did not have a good experience. He felt let down by his professors because they were not passionate about their topics. They just taught and wanted to go home, and so for Gary, they were a let down.

Did you have any professors who were role models for you? Were you a passionate student?
Grammar Point
Simple Future Tense

Jessica tells Gary, “Maybe, I’ll become a professor.” She uses the simple future tense to talk about something she will do at a later time.

We use the simple future tense to talk about things that will happen at a time later than now.

Using be going to + main verb is one way to form thesimple future tense, as in, “I am going to watch a movie tonight.” Another way to form the simple future tense is with will + main verb, as in, “I will see you soon.”

In some situations, like when you’re making a prediction about the future, you can use either be going to + main verb or will + main verb. However, to talk about something that’s already planned or decided, it’s best to use be going to + main verb, as in, “I’m going to watch a movie this weekend. Want to watch it with me?”

Which sentence uses the simple future tense correctly, “I will eat lunch with you later,” or, “I am eat lunch with you later”?

  1. Which statement is true?
  2. What does Gary say about his professors?
  3. Which word means having value?
  4. Which sentence uses the simple future tense?

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