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lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

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Building a Fire

Building a Fire

Jan 04 2016
Building fires is a special human skill. It is something that makes people different from other animals. In the US, many children join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. They study nature and explore outside. They gocamping with adults and learn to build fires. Scouts follow the instructions of their leaders, and they learn the perfect way to make a big, warm fire.

To build a fire, you need different sizes of wood. You begin with kindling, the smallest type of wood. On top of the kindling, you will first put small sticks and then large sticks. Finally, you put logs on the fire. Some people even use fuel to make a quick fire. But you don’t need to be a scout to build a fire. Some people justwing it.
Brian invites Romeo to go camping with him. But can either of them build a fire? Find out in today’s English lesson.Brian: Hey, Romeo, I was going to go camping this weekend. Do you want to come with me?
Romeo: Oh, yeah! I’m totally down.
Brian: Great. Do you know how to build a fire?
Romeo: No!
Brian: OK.
Romeo: Don’t judge me.
Brian: No, no, that’s OK. I just wanted to make sure… because I don’t either.
Romeo: You don’t know how to build a fire?
Brian: I know some rough ideas. I know that you needkindlingfuel, and that you need wood, campfire wood or logs...
Romeo: And maybe, some sparks? I don’t know. We’re going to go, and we’re going to wing it. We’re going to be freezing.
Brian: I read an internet article, so that should help us. You have to put the kindling down on the bottom, and that catches fire.
Romeo: Right.
Brian: Then, it catches the smaller sticks on fire.
Romeo: Right.
Brian: Then, it catches the logs on fire. And you really want a nice red… red burning embers on the logs.
Romeo: Right.
Brian: That means it is fueled and heated correctly, I believe.
Romeo: You watch too much Survivor.
Brian: Well then, aren’t you glad you’re going camping with me?
Romeo: Yes, we need you!
Brian: Great. Do you know how to hunt?
Romeo: I can learn.
Brian: OK because I don’t know either.
Romeo: It going to be a great trip.
Brian asks Romeo if he wants to go camping. However, neither Brian nor Romeo knows how to build a fire. Romeo knows that a fire needs sparks, but he doesn’t have any other information. However, Brian read some online instructions. He learned some basic ideas about building a fire.

Brian tells Romeo that they need to begin with kindling. The kindling helps to create the fire. Then, they can addsticks and logs to make the fire bigger. Brian says that the goal is to have really hot, red embers. The red embers mean that the fire is burning correctly. Romeo is happy that Brian can build the fire this weekend.

When do you build a fire? Who taught you how to build a fire?
Grammar Point

Brian and Romeo are talking about building a fire when they go camping. Brian asks, “Well then, aren’t you glad you’re going camping with me?” He uses a preposition.

Prepositions are words that locate something in time and space. They can tell us where something is in relation to the things around it. Here are some examples:

“The bird is singing in the tree.”

“She walked through the door at 6:00.”

“I climbed over the wall.”

“We are sitting between our brothers.”

When Brian says, “going camping with me,” he uses thepreposition with. This preposition shows that he and Romeo will be camping together.

Prepositions often have many different uses. For example, with can also describe something that includes another thing, as in, “He owns a house withfive bedrooms.” It can also describe how a person did something, as in, “She cleaned her room with a happy smile.”

Other common prepositions include: above, across, around, before, behind, below, by, down, during, for, from, in, inside, into, near, of, onto, off, over, to, under, up, with and without. There are many more!

Which is correct, “I’m going to go to the store with my sister,” or, “I’m going to go to the store between my sister”?

  1. Which sentence is true?
  2. Brian and Romeo don’t know how to __.
  3. When you wing it, you __.
  4. Which sentence uses the preposition with to show people doing something together?

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