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sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Listening - Daily Lesson

Listening - Daily Lesson:

American Authors

American Authors

May 16 2014
Can you describe the best day of your life? Many people would say it was their wedding day. Or the day they had their first child. Or the day they graduated from school or college. Whatever event made that day extra special, it’s certain that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

The rock band American Authors has a hit single called “Best Day of My Life.” It’s a title that everyone understands, but the song’s music video has left many fansconfused. Is it about finding true love, or having a wild night out?

Even though the music video isn’t completely clear, the band is still popular for its electronic music and vibe. Band members Zac Barnett, Matt Sanchez, James Adam Shelley, and Dave Rublin sing and play in concerts all over the US. They like telling authentic stories through their music, and their fans like hearing them.

Why is there a teddy bear in American Author’s music video for “Best Day of My Life”? Listen to Jessica and Rafael’s answers in today’s English lesson about a rock band.
Jessica: So, Rafael, have you seen the American Authors video for their new song “Best Day of My Life”?
Rafael: My big question was what was with that weird teddy bear in that video?
Jessica: I know. I didn’t understand it.
Rafael: But I love that band. They’re awesome, and they have a nice sound. But I was wondering about that teddy bear.
Jessica: Yeah, it kind of creeped me out a little bit. It confused me quite a bit.
Rafael: Maybe it’s about the guy having a wild night out or something like that.
Jessica: Maybe. It starts with him drinking, so maybe he’s had a little too much? I do like the song. I mean, they kind of sound like a lot of the other bands that are out there right now.
Rafael: Yeah, but it just has a nice vibe. Because there’s not a lot of electronicinstruments, it all sounds pretty natural. It has that nice authentic quality to it.
Jessica: You know, I will say there was one part where they were all carrying their instruments, walking down the sidewalk. And Mumford and Sons have a video, and they do the same thing! So I felt like they completely stole that.
Rafael: I love the band, anyway, so I’m going to forgive them those slightindiscretions.
Jessica and Rafael have an important question: What is the teddy bear doing in an American Authors music video?

The two friends talk about whether the person in the song drank too much alcohol and is dreaming about the bear. Rafael wonders if the wild animal is a picture of a wild night out. He likes the band a lot, so even though he’s confusedby the stuffed toy character, he will still listen to music by American Authors.

Jessica, on the other hand, says she is creeped out and confused by the video. She also thinks that American Authors sounds like a lot of other bands and even copied a scene from another band’s video. Her days of listening to American Authors might be over soon.

Do you like American Authors? What do you think about the teddy bear in their music video?
Grammar Point
There, Their & They’re

Talking about the band American Authors, Rafael says, “They’re (they are) awesome.” He uses the contraction to describe one of his favorite bands. However, they’re sounds just like there and their.

Here are some helpful tips for knowing when to use which word:

There is used to tell or show where something is, to refer to a place. For example, “There is a coffee shop down the street,” or, “The grocery store is overthere.” Jessica tells Rafael that American Authors sounds like a lot of other bands out there right now.

Their is a possessive adjective. Possessive adjectives are used to show ownership, or what belongs to whom. As an example, “The children are wearingtheir boots,” or, “They drink their tea with sugar.” Jessica asks Rafael if he’s seen the American Authors video for their new song.

They’re is a contraction of they + are. For example, “They’re going to Paris this summer,” or, “I don’t know if they’re coming with us.” Even though Jessica doesn’t agree, Rafael won’t change his mind about American Authors: he thinksthey’re awesome!

Choose the correct word (there, their, or they’re) for this sentence, “We won’t get __ until midnight.”

  1. What does Jessica think about American Authors?

  2. What confused Jessica and Rafael about the music video?

  3. Which sentence uses “their” incorrectly?

  4. What would someone say after watching a scary movie?

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