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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Expectations unit 02 Objective Proficiency: revising exercises

Objectif proficiency Unit 02 Expectations
Explain the italics and underlined vocabulary
Paper 5 part 1
1.- Children coin new words to fill gaps in their vocabulary.
To coin: acuñar, inventar
·                     Coin something: to invent a new word or phrase that other people then begin to use. E.g. The term ‘cardboard city’ was coined to describe communities of homeless people living in cardboard boxes.
to coin a phrase para decirlo así, si me permite la frase.
2.- When I was a teenager, spending the day with my parents held all the allure of a wet Sunday afternoon doing homework.
To allure: atraer, cultivar, allure atractivo, encanto
·                     Allure: /əˈlʊə(r)/ the quality of being attractive and exciting. Encanto. E.g. The allure of the big city. Alluring: /əˈlʊərɪŋ/ Adj. attractive and exciting in a mysterious way. E.g. An alluring smile.
3.- The concept of a free society is one that many people believe in.
Concept concepto, idea.
4.- You could feel the tension in the air when the fans from the opposing teams met.
Tension tension, tirantez.
5.- The new plans are radically different from the ones before.
From scratch: 1 without any previous preparation or knowledge. Empezar desde cero. E.g. I learned German from scratch in six months. He built the orchestra up from scratch. 2 From the very beginning, not using any of the work done earlier. E.g. They decided to dismantle the machine and start again from scratch.
5.- I’ve been plagued by double-glazing salesmen since I moved into this street.
To plague Infestar, plagar, atormentar
·                     Plague: /pleɪɡ/ 1. to cause pain or trouble to somebody/something over a period of time. Trouble. Asolar. E.g. Financial problems are plaguing the company. The team has been plagued by injury this season. 2. To annoy somebody or create problems, especially by asking for something, demanding attention, etc. Harass. Acosar. E.g. Rock stars have to get used to being plagued by autograph hunters. 

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