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sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Listening - Daily Lesson

Listening - Daily Lesson:



Feb 14 2014
Traveling by airplane is fast and convenient, but going to the airport can be terrible. You usually have to arrive at least two hours before your flight departs, and even earlier if you’re taking a cross-continental trip.

Airports can be a fun place to watch people. At arrivals, there are people from all over the world! However, it’s definitely not fun for passengers to go throughsecurity. There are so many regulations about what you can and can’t bring with you on the plane. It’s hard to remember everything!

Marni is taking a trip soon. Does she like airports or hate them? Read this English lesson to find out!
Marni: I have to go on a cross-continental trip, and I just absolutely am dreadingthe airport and flying, security, all of that…
Rafael: I feel like airports are some of the most exciting places to be. You have people waiting for arrivals. I mean, sure the security can be kind of boring and all the regulations, but getting to the terminal, seeing all the art, seeing all the happy faces, it’s just one of the most exciting places in my opinion.
Marni: Wow. I just feel like it’s so stressful. Going through security and all the things you have to remember about sizes and carry-on bags. And every passenger is trying to cram as much stuff in their carry-on bags. And then you end up having to check things, and it costs you extra money. And everybody’s always in a bad mood because they’re always trying to get somewhere. I don’t know. I think traveling back in the day used to be so exciting, but now everybody’s angry. And there’s never any room on the plane. And they’re making seats smaller and smaller. I’m dreading it.
Rafael: I totally hear you. I think you have a good point there.
Marni: Really?
Rafael: Really.
Marni: Well, you’re not helping me love airports anymore.
Oh no! Marni has to take a cross-continental trip, and she’s not looking forward to going to the airport. She hates the lines, the security, the regulations, and all of the people.

Rafael disagrees. He thinks airports are exciting. For him, traveling by plane is usually a happy experience.

Marni reminds Rafael about all the regulations at airports and the long lines at security and rules for carry-on bags and all the other passengers and the small seats. She complains so much that Rafael actually agrees with her: going to an airport really is a lot of work!

What’s you opinion about airports? What do you like about flying? What do you dislike?
Grammar Point
Used to Do vs Be Used to

Marni hates traveling now, but she thinks traveling back in the day used to beso exciting.

Used to do and be used to can be confusing. Both forms look alike, but they have very different meanings and structures.

Used to do, or used to + verb, means that something happened regularly in the past that doesn’t happen now. For example, “When I was a child, I used to fight with my siblings, but now we get along.” We can also use used to do to talk about something that was true in the past but is not true now. For example, “Drinking alcohol used to be illegal in the U.S.” In other words, drinking alcohol was illegal in the past, but it is no longer illegal. Marni thinks that plane travel was exciting in the past, but it’s definitely not exciting now.

Be used to means something different. If you are used to something, it isnormal or usual for youBe used to is always followed by a noun or gerund(verb ending in ing). For example, I can say “I am used to the rain,” or, “I am used to staying up late.”

Which is correct, “I used to be a picky eater, but now I like everything,” or, “I am used to a picky eater, but now I like everything”?

  1. What does Rafael like about airports?

  2. Which airport problem does Marni not mention?

  3. Which is an example of “back in the day?”

  4. Which sentence correctly uses “be used to”?

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