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jueves, 23 de enero de 2014


Correct answers:
 Correct pairs matched by color, not alignment.
tambour - A small wooden embroidery frame consisting of two concentric hoops between which fabric is stretched.
Usage: She was addicted to needlepoint and took her tambour wherever she went.
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beatitude - Supreme blessedness or happiness.
Usage: You have it in your power to raise two human beings from a state of actual suffering to such unspeakable beatitude as only generous, noble, self-forgetting love can give.
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magnum opus - A great work, especially a literary or artistic masterpiece.
Synonyms: masterpiece
Usage: "Paradise Lost" is generally considered to be Milton's magnum opus.
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sensibility - Receptiveness to impression, whether pleasant or unpleasant; acuteness of feeling.
Usage: With a painter's sensibility to light and color, he had decorated his home to be a peaceful place to work.
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scrooge - A mean-spirited miserly person; a skinflint.
Synonyms: niggardskinflintchurl
Usage: The old scrooge was married to his money and spending a penny was, to him, as traumatic as divorce.

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