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sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013


Adjectives describe nouns. We normally use adjectives in two positions - before nouns and after 'link' verbs (be, seem, appear, become, feel, look, tuste, sound, smell, get, etc.): What a pleasant man! He seemed pleasant. We can use many adjectives in both positions, but we use others in either one position or the other: It was an outright victory (VICTORIA INDISCUTIDA, ABSOLUTA). I'm glad you could come. Here are more examples of adjectives commonly used before nouns: countless, indoor, neighbouring, maximum, northerly Here are examples of adjectives used after verbs: awake, content, asleep, aware, glad, afraid, alive, sure, alone, alike. SOURCE: GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY FOR CAMBRIDGE ADVANCE AND PROFICIENCY. PICTURE SOURCE:

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